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Welcome to the Liberal/Political branch of the World Conscience Global Humanitarian Community In a manner of speaking this is the more localized, grassroots arm of the organization serving to dedicate itself to the preservation, integrity, and continued development of Democracy and Justice for All (not for some).

To help the planet and all its inhabitants reach security, peace, and prosperity through basic Internet and other technology based initiatives meant to aid the less fortunate reach a better position in life. Additionally, to address the serious human pain and suffering endured by those in critical, dangerous, or threatening environments with the understanding that we all have a moral responsibility not only to improve our own well being, but to improve the lives of others as well.

This community is meant to help organize, simplify, and streamline online involvement with important global and local issues online (as determined by the member feedback and administrator discretion). Through Internet based initiatives, campaigns, and movements in addition to community projects, diverse information will be posted here about small yet invaluable actions each and every one of us can take to assist humankind in the best ways possible.

Support CARE on behalf of World Conscience:

World Conscience: Care Corps Action Alerts provide a great way for you and visitors to your site to communicate directly with policymakers in Washington about poverty-related issues. Use this space to tell people about important legislation and other issues affecting the fight against global poverty, and urge them to speak out to make a difference. (from their website)

World Conscience: Care Corps Donation Page go here to donate any amount of money you wish to help fund programs that will improve the lives of billions around the world.
Though one small act by itself may seem insignificant, one small act after another in unision with others can make for a lasting impact.

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