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World Conscience (Progressive Arm)

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musicwmnvla @ 05:02 pm: Keeping Music in Schools
I've felt for a long time that music education is very important and one cause to which I would love to contribute is keeping music in schools. Well, here's an opportunity to contribute to that cause with more than words. LiveJournal / SixApart are supporting DonorsChoose.org in their efforts to help out public schools and their students. For more information visit http://community.livejournal.com/lj_biz/242903.html

According to the entry in lj_biz (linked to above) they're giving out $30 gift certificates so LJ members can try out DonorsChoose, see how it works, and consider contributing their own funds. Thing is, they're only giving them out until 5pm PT today. That means there are only 3-4 hours left to take advantage of this opportunity.

I took a look on Donors Choose and there's already a music-related blogger challenge. Check out Notes for Class, the School Music Challenge. I'm planning to use my $30 in support of one of the proposals in that challenge. How will you use yours?

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