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September 24th, 2007

ecomaiden @ 03:44 pm: Action on agrofuels

Recently, politicians in Europe have jumped on the idea that making fuel from plants could be a solution to climate change. But Europe’s increased demand for these agrofuels (also called biofuels) is likely to have devastating impacts on the developing countries which produce them.

Rainforests will be destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations and the poor will suffer as global food prices rise. Even in Europe, food is already getting more expensive and farming will need to become more intensive as agricultural land is taken up growing agrofuels.

The European Union’s policies are even accelerating these trends. An EU decision that 10% of all transport fuels must be produced from agrofuels by the year 2020 is driving investment into the agrofuels sector.

Click here to write to your MEP and tell them to put a break on agrofuels!

September 22nd, 2007

ecomaiden @ 01:17 pm: Action Alert: Climate Protection Payments Must Avoid Deforestation of Ancient Rainforests AND Their Industrial Diminishment

Ancient rainforests will only fully hold their carbon when strictly protected.
Selective logging diminishes primary and old-growth forests' carbon stores, ecosystems, and biodiversity; and has no place in proposed carbon market payments for rainforest and climate protection.

June 8th, 2007

paddymac @ 01:26 pm: Campaign for Common Sense Reform in Food Aid
Just Foreign Policy Food Aid Badge

With one common sense reform to the U.S. food aid program, we can save many more lives without spending one cent more. With your help, we can convince Congress to pass that reform. Read more.

May 24th, 2007

cazma @ 09:22 pm: The Chagos Islands...
...if they mean something to you, and the Chagossian's high court victory this week, you may well like to ask your MP to sign the following EDM:

EDM 1559

"This House welcomes the decision by the Court of Appeal to endorse the Chagos Islanders right to return; notes that the Chagossians were disgracefully removed from the islands over 30 years ago and since then have fought a tenacious and brave campaign to win their right of return; calls upon HMG to accept the decisions of the both the High Court (2006) and the Court of Appeal (23 May 2007) which upholds their right to return to their homeland of the Chagos Island; and further calls upon the Foreign Office to meet the Chagos representatives to plan for their return, and to invest in resources in rebuilding the infrastructure of the islands rather than wasting further money on court cases which are designed to deny the islanders their basic human rights; and congratulates Olivier Bancoult and his colleagues, their solicitor Richard Gifford and their barrister, Sir Sydney Kintridge for their brilliant advocacy in this wholly worthwhile and just cause."

Office of Jeremy Corbyn MP (Nicolette Petersen ) 020 7219 3545; corbynj@parliament.uk

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